Before Planting

Dig a hole to support the depth and width of the plant. 

Use a measuring tape to ensure that the depth of the hole matches the root ball height, and the hole is slightly wider than your tree/plant.

Make sure that the bottom of the hole is firmly packed with a solid base. If planting a caliper tree, ensure that the bottom of the hole is firmly compacted clay. 

Place the plant/tree in the hole, and backfill with soil gathered from digging the hole or screened black top soil or a garden mix of three parts screened top soil, one part compost, and one part sand. Ensure that the soil on the sides of the plant is packed in well to avoid air spots.

If planting a perennial, shrub, or tree in a plastic pot/container, be sure to carefully remove the plant from the container prior to placing in the hole. Using a knife vertically slice the soil along its side to help loosen the dirt slightly and to stimulate further root growth upon planting.

If planting a Caliper Tree in a wire basket, place the tree in the hole in its wire basket. Taking a knife, cut the twine holding the wire basket together. Unwrapping the burlap from the base of the trunk of the tree, cut the burlap so that it is flush with root ball height. Fold down wire so that it is on the side of the root ball. Backfill the sides of the root ball with top soil or garden mix.

Create a ring around the hole with existing dirt, to help retain moisture for the first two weeks after planting while watering.




After initial planting, ensure that the trees and shrubs get a good long soak to help it adjust to its new environmental conditions.


Monitor the moisture level of the trees/shrubs carefully over the next few days, and make sure that the soil surrounding the plant retains its moisture.Stick a hand into the soil surrounding the plant 6-12 inches to determine moisture level.

Follow a watering schedule that provides adequate moisture to the newly planted trees and shrubs. Ensure that you don’t ‘drown’ your plants by overwatering them. Allow the plants to ‘drink’ the water, and soak up the moisture in the surrounding soil before watering again.

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