The Brandon Cedar is a beautiful tree that grows best in part shade and likes soil that is both moist and drains well. When it’s first planted, it needs to be watered often, but as it gets older, it can do with less water. This tree can get as tall as 15 feet and as wide as 6 feet, and its green leaves are a sight to see. Even though deer can cause damage, maintenance is usually low because all that needs to be done is to remove any dead branches. This tree is also known for having a lower canopy, which makes it a good choice for a natural privacy screen.

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Sun: Part shade


Water: Low, regular watering when first staged


Soil: Moist, well-drained.


Size at Maturity: 15ft tall, 6ft wide


Pests: Deer damage can occur


Maintenance: low, remove any die back.


Colours: Green


Special Notes: This tree is known for its lower canopy

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