Columnar Ash, also known as the Raywood Ash, is a popular landscaping tree for its unique and striking columnar shape. This deciduous tree features deep green foliage that turns yellow in the fall, and its bark is a rich, dark gray. At maturity, it reaches a height of 25-35 feet and a spread of only 10 to 15 feet, making it ideal for narrow spaces. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Maintenance is low, with only occasional pruning required. It’s a great choice for a statement tree in small landscapes.


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Sun: Full


Water: Evenly moist, average


Soil: well-draining


Size at Maturity: 25ft height by 10ft spread


Pests: Disease prone, rust, avoid this by proper upkeep and watering.


Maintenance: Low, prune in the late winter and provide proper care of dead or wilting branches.


Colours: Silver tones with light green. White flowers.


Special Notes: This tree has a unique semi-compound foliage.


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