Creeping Juniper, also called Juniperus horizontalis, is a popular evergreen groundcover that can add texture and interest to your landscape. This low-growing shrub has blue-green leaves that turn purple in the winter. This makes it a good choice for borders, rock gardens, and stopping soil erosion all year long. Creeping Juniper likes full sun and soil that drains well. Once it is established, it can handle drought. It is also easy to take care of, as it only needs to be pruned every so often to keep its shape and encourage healthy growth. Creeping Juniper is a beautiful and useful plant that you can order now to add to your outdoor space.


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Sun: Full


Water: Average


Soil: Well-drained, native.


Size at Maturity: 6-12inches tall, 8-10ft wide


Pests: Aphids and spider mites. Use water pressure to remove webs and residue, continue this weekly.


Maintenance: Low


Flower Colours: Dark green foliage


Special Notes: Keep area available for growth. This plant will compete strongly with any growing space.

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