For farmers in colder locations, the Norland Apple tree is a dependable and cold-hardy type. Its succulent, medium-sized apples have a crisp texture and a tangy flavour that make them perfect for baking or eating straight out of the bag. Even in its first year, this tree is simple to grow and yields a substantial amount of fruit. Its lovely pink springtime blossoms are another factor in its decorative attractiveness. The Norland Apple tree is a great option for your backyard orchard if you’re searching for a low-maintenance, high-yielding apple tree. Place your order right away to enjoy a plentiful crop for many years.

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Sun: Full


Water: Low, moist conditions


Soil: Adaptable, well-drained


Size at Maturity: 4m tall, 3m wide


Pests: Fireblight can be seen a lot, isolating the infected areas will help decrease rates.


Maintenance: Low, best pruned late winter when cold temperatures pass.


Colours: White


Special Notes: Popular for its fruit and variety of growth.

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10 gal, 50 mm, 60 mm