The Regal Oak tree is an excellent choice for any landscape. Its ability to thrive in various soil types and withstand urban pollution makes it an ideal tree for city environments. This tree can grow up to 50 feet in height and 25 feet in width, providing ample shade and beauty to any outdoor space. The Regal Oak’s dark green foliage turns to a regal color in the fall, creating a stunning display of autumn colors. Though it requires medium maintenance, its toughness and adaptability make it an excellent investment. Order now and add the Regal Oak to your landscape.

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Sun: Full


Water: Average


Soil: Well-drained and tolerates urban pollution.


Size at Maturity: 50ft by 25t


Pests: Rust or any yellowing due to drought can occur.


Maintenance: Medium, fruit can be messy and clean up may require more equipment. Colours: Dark green to royal fall


Special Notes: Extremely tough and adaptable to many climates and conditions.

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10 gal, 50 mm, 60 mm