Known for its breathtaking display of orange, red, and yellow leaf in the fall, the Sugar Maple tree is a well-known and iconic tree. It’s a great choice for parks and open spaces because of its wide-spreading, dense canopy, which offers enough of shade. Another noteworthy attribute of the sugar maple is its sweet syrup, which is used to make the delightful maple syrup. This tree is well-liked by homeowners and landscapers alike since it requires little maintenance and can grow in a variety of soil types. By making an investment in this lovely tree, you may benefit for years to come from its beauty, shade, and sweet benefits. Place your order right away to add a Sugar Maple to your landscaping.

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Sun: Full/ Partial


Water: Low, do not let dry completely.


Soil: deep, well-drained slightly alkaline.


Size at Maturity: 12-24’


Pests: Maple worm, properly water and fertilize, beneficial predators.


Maintenance: Medium, irrigate during dry seasons, needs open space for better growth patterns.


Colours: Smooth edge red leaves, yellow flowers


Special Notes: Do not plant in confined spaces or areas where there is sodium build up.

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10 gal, 50 mm, 60 mm