The province of Alberta has nine different soil types varying due to the geographic features of the natural areas.

The city of Edmonton...

The dominant soil type in the City of Edmonton is Black Chernozemic soil, whose natural vegatation includes Aspen Parkland material. In regions surrounding the City of Edmonton, Dark Grey Chernozemic Soil is predominant, and whose natural vegetation includes Aspen Pakland to Mixedwood Forest plant material. When landscaping is being completed, it is important that soil natural to the geographic location is used to ensure optimal growth and a healthy landscape.

Screening Topsoil is a process that eliminates excess waste, clay, and rocks, and turns heavy clumpy dirt into a fine softer soil. It is common practice for homeowners and landscapers to use screened topsoil as the main material that is used for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials, and as a base soil for grass and sod. It is important that the screened topsoil that is used for landscaping is native to its natural environment. Zebra Landscaping ensures that the topsoil used in their planting and landscaping projects are from the natural geographic region that the work is being completed in.