A stunning evergreen shrub that will add beauty and personality to any landscape is the Alpine Carpet Juniper. It is the ideal option for ground cover or as a border plant because of its low-growing, spreading nature. Its rich, blue-green foliage is drought- and heat-tolerant and offers year-round appeal. This hardy and simple-to-maintain shrub is a must-have for any gardener searching for a beautiful and dependable addition to their garden.

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Sun: Full


Water: Average, water deeply


Soil: Rocky, well-drained


Size at Maturity: 8inches tall, 36inches wide


Pests: Spider mites, using water to remove them over time


Maintenance: Low, prune for desired shapes and styles


Flower Colours: Blue-green foliage


Special Notes: Tolerates extreme cold temperatures, thrives in rocky soils


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