The leaves and yellow flowers of the Concorde Barberry are what make it such a beautiful and elegant deciduous shrub. This plant is great for garden borders, hedges, and accent plantings because its dark purple leaves stand out in any landscape. It can get as tall as 2 feet and as wide as 3 feet. It likes full sun or partial shade and soil that drains well. Concorde Barberry is easy to take care of and only needs to be pruned once in a while to keep its shape and encourage healthy growth. It can grow in places with little water, but aphids can affect it. Spray infected areas with a local mixture of 1:1 water and solution. Order this beautiful plant now to add it to your garden. It will look great and won’t need much care.

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Sun: Full


Water: Low


Soil: Well-drained


Size at Maturity: 1-2ft tall, 3ft wide


Pests: Aphids, use local 1:1 water and solution spray on infected areas.


Maintenance: Low, prune only for aesthetic purposes.


Flower Colours: Yellow


Special Notes: When in juvenile stages, this plant is very sensitive.

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