A gorgeous shrub that brings a splash of colour to any garden is the Red Osier Dogwood. Its vivid red branches stand out against the winter snow in a stunning way, and its rich green foliage is lovely to see in the summer. This shrub is a favourite among many gardeners since it requires little maintenance and can grow in a variety of soil types. It makes a wonderful addition to a native or woodland garden since it matures to a height of up to 6 feet and a spread of up to 12 feet. Place your order right away to enjoy the Red Osier Dogwood’s year-round splendour in your outside area.

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Sun: Full/ Partial shade


Water: Average


Soil: Organic rich, medium to wet


Size at Maturity: 6ft Tall, 8-12ft wide


Pests: Disease-free, occasional leaf spot.


Maintenance: For bright red in the winter, cut the stems every 2-3 years in the early spring.


Flower Colours: White


Special Notes: Attractive to pollinators

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