Limelight Hydrangea is a stunning deciduous shrub that will bring a vibrant burst of colour to your garden. This popular plant produces large, cone-shaped flower clusters that start as lime green before maturing to a bright white or pink colour. Growing up to 8 feet tall and wide, Limelight Hydrangea prefers full sun to partial shade and well-draining soil. It is relatively low maintenance, requiring only occasional pruning and watering to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms. Order now to enjoy the show-stopping beauty of Limelight Hydrangea in your garden or landscape.

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Sun: Full/ Partial


Water: Average


Soil: Clay, loam, moist but well-drained


Size at Maturity: 6’-8’ tall, 6’-8’wide


Pests: Bud Blight, Bacterial Wilt. These can be cared for by using at home methods and local treatment spots


Maintenance: Low


Flower Colours: Lime-green to creamy white


Special Notes: Attracts pollinators like butterflies. Toxic to pets


Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com


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