A deciduous shrub known as Sweetberry Honeysuckle is prized for its tasty and sweet berries. The plant yields tasty clusters of brilliant red berries that mature in the summer and are perfect for fresh consumption as well as jams and jellies. This plant enjoys full sun to moderate shade and well-drained soil that is maintained constantly wet, growing up to 5 feet tall and broad. Sweetberry Honeysuckle requires only sporadic trimming to encourage good growth and fruit production, making it comparatively low care. With its vibrant green leaves and clusters of vibrant berries, it is also a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape. Place your order right away to enjoy your own backyard’s tasty and lovely Sweetberry Honeysuckle.

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Sun: Full


Water: Low


Soil: well-draining, drought tolerant


Size at Maturity: 5ft tall and wide


Pests: Deer can be common or birds. Plant companions will provide resistance


Maintenance: Low, prune right after berries have ripened


Flower Colours: White


Special Notes: These are good substitute if you enjoy blueberries but do not have acidic soil


Photo Courtesy of Proven Winners – www.provenwinners.com

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