The Red Oak tree is a regal and towering tree that is known for its robust and resilient wood, lovely foliage, and breathtaking autumnal hues. Every outdoor space will receive enough of shade and a cooling impact from its wide and spreading canopy. The Red Oak is a preferred tree for wildlife since it serves as both a food source and a habitat for a variety of animals. This tree is a great option for any yard or park because it requires little upkeep and tolerates a variety of soil types. Invest in this lovely tree to reap its beauty and advantages for many years to come. Place your order right away to include the Red Oak in your landscaping.

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Sun: Full


Water: Average


Soil: Loose, slightly acidic soils.


Size at Maturity: 70 by 70 ft


Pests: Subject to chlorosis and yellowing if left dried out.


Maintenance: Medium, prune in late winter, can be messy and upkeep of dead branches.


Colours: Red fall

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10 gal, 50 mm, 60 mm