Walker Poplar is a tall, fast-growing tree recognized for its remarkable beauty and durability. With its towering height, this tree has a commanding presence in any scene. The canopy of the Walker Poplar is dense and rounded, providing enough shade and creating a pleasant and refreshing ambience in any outdoor setting. This tree is extremely low-maintenance and soil-tolerant, making it an excellent choice for any yard or park. Because of its quick growth and flexibility, the Walker Poplar is a popular choice for shrubs, shelterbelts, and restoration projects. Invest in this magnificent and sturdy tree and you will enjoy its beauty and advantages for many years. Buy today to include the Walker Poplar into your landscaping.

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Sun: Full


Water: tolerates dry conditions even standing water.


Soil: No particular soil, can withstand environmental salt.


Size at Maturity: 60 by 30 ft


Pests: Bud gall mite, can be removed with a spray IPM practice.


Maintenance: Medium, pruning in the late winter and being maintained for shade and windbreak.


Colours: Dark green


Special Notes: This is a fast-growing hybrid poplar that works well for shelter purposes.

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10 gal, 50 mm, 60 mm